About Our Company

Crystal Substrates is an established supplier of materials for thin film applications.

As career thin film material scientists, we have been using substrates for thin film growth for almost 20 years. From atomically smooth surfaces to nanostructured device stacks, functional ceramics to polymers, superconductors to solar devices, from synchrotrons to the windowless basements labs (everyone knows this is where the really work happens!). Anyway – you get the point – we have made a lot of stuff. We know the time it takes to make a good film, and substrates are the fundamental building blocks; sub-quality substrates lead to sub-quality films.

It’s clear when you go on most websites, they don’t really understand what they are selling, who they are selling to or what they will be used for. Which is why they all use the same photos, the same table of crystal parameters etc etc. In 2017 we decided to call BS – we were frustrated with our suppliers slow delivery times and questionable substrate quality so we started crystal substrates to ensure US-based substrates supply that were grown, cut and polished to the highest standards for use in lab research and that could be shipped straight out – so when you have synchrotron beam time booked – you can get every If we don't have something in stock we clearly show the delivery dates on the product page!

This combined with our trusted, helpful team has resulted in us selling to many of the leading thin film researchers around the world. We love to help our customers with their projects so feel free to send us an email with any questions and we'll do our best to answer them. We pay attention to every single customer’s requirements and make sure they are met with precision and speed every time.

Headquartered in the UK, we stock our products in US and European warehouses for quick delivery. Our customers include top universities, research labs and industry and of course all the friends we have met along the way.

We are a friendly, hard-working small business. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

From founder, Dr. Joe Franklin