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  • Name: Yttrium Aluminium Perovskite Crystal Substrate, YAlO3 
  • Lattice parameter:  = 5.330 Å, b = 5.180 Å, and c = 7.375 Å with a pseudo-cubic lattice constant ~ 3.72 Å (Geller et al. (DOI: 10.1107/S0365110X56001571))
  • Crystal Structure: Orthorombic, Perovskite
  • YAlO3 is a wide band gap (∼7.9 eV)
  • Commonly used as substrate for: High temperature superconductors, perovskites, II-V nitrides, BiFeO3, LaO, YBCO, WO3, EuO, TbMnO3, LaTiO3, CaIrO3, EuBa2Cu3Oy
  • Surface Roughness: Ra <0.2nm (measured 5x5 µm AFM scan)
  • Good temperature and chemical stability
  • Available Dimensions: 5x5 mm to 20x20 mm and customized
  • Available in 010, 100, 001, 110 and 101
  • Single or double side polished
  • Next day delivery

Yttrium aluminium perovskite (YAlO3, aka YAP) are commonly used and studied in lasing applications in thin film and single crystal form typically with the addition of rare earth and transition metal ions. As a substrate, YAP have stabilize many thin films including high temperature superconductors.

With its orthorhombic structure, the various orientations give lots of different options for lattice matches which many other substrates simply can’t, so you often see it being used with rare earths and large lattice parameter films and dopants.