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  • Name: TiO2 (rutile), Titanium Dioxide Single Crystal Substrate
  • Lattice parameter:a = 4.5937 Å, c = 2.9587 Å
  • Crystal Structure: Tetragonal 
  • Commonly used as substrate for: VO2, CrO2, SnO2, β-Ga2O3
  • Surface Roughness: Ra <0.2nm (measured 5x5 µm AFM scan)
  • Rocking Curve FWHM <0.004°
  • Cleaving: {110} good, {100} moderate, parting on {092} and {011}
  • 5x5 mm to 2 inch diameter and customized
  • Single or double side polished
  • Slightly red colour, optically transparent >60%  for 0.5 mm thickness for wavelengths above 400 nm
  • Next day delivery

 TiO2 comes in 2 main forms Rutile and Anatase. Rutile is the most common and also the one which can readily be made into single crystals for use as a substrate for thin film deposition.  

TiO2 is commonly used for stabilizing VO2 thin films; a form of vanadium oxide which is relatively difficult to grow otherwise. It has a relatively narrow band of growth conditions to avoid V2O3 and V2O5. Furthermore the strain created between the 2 can be used to tune the metal-insulator transition in VO2.