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  • Name: MgO, Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal Substrate
  • Lattice parameter: a=4.213 Å
  • Crystal Structure: Cubic (Rock-salt structure)
  • Commonly used as substrate for: Fe2O3, Fe3O4, BaxSr1-xTiO3,  KNbO3, SrRuO3, ZnO, MgFe2O4, WO3, YBCO, NiO and much more
  • Surface Roughness: Ra <0.2nm (measured 5x5 µm AFM scan)
  • 5x5 mm to 2 inch diameter and customized
  • Single or double side polished
  • Optically transparent >85%  for 0.5 mm thickness for wavelengths above 300 nm
  • Next day delivery

Single crystal MgO substrates are a staple of thin film labs for supporting high quality oxide (and metal) epitaxial thin film growth including semiconducting, superconducting, dielectric, ferroelectric, and ferromagnetic oxides. MgO crystals grow nicely with minimal defects meaning it is available up to 2 inch diameter and as a high hardness material can be polished with near atomic-scale roughness (rms <0.2 nm). 

Due to its high transparency (even at 0.5 mm thick >85%) it is often used for optical experiments to investigate the film on top, in which case select the double side polished if doing these measurements in transmission mode. MgO can be used to make high-temperature superconducting microwave filters which require large surface area and other devices required for mobile communication equipment. 

Because MgO is naturally a hygroscopic material, our MgO substrates arrive clean and vacuum packed (as with all our substrates) and should only be used directly out of the packaging and after deposition should be kept in a desiccator.